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about us

Janice and I started over 40 years a go in the horse business. Training, showing and breeding Appaloosas and the odd Quarter horse. Our first Australian Shepherd was given to us for free, as long as we showed it toward a championship


  We literally went to the "Dogs" from the horses in 1999.

The background knowledge of breeding horses gave us a good leg up in breeding aussies. Conformation, movement and beauty.

  Since that time in 1999 we have bred and shown the Australian Shepherd. Jan and I show and handle all of our dogs.

   We have Conformation Champions as well as Rally-Obedience titles and our boy Junior has a Sheep herding title to go with those.

   At CharJan Australian Shepherds we are breeding for our next Conformation/Performance prospect.

We are a small breeding kennel, breeding for Temperment first, that way you will be getting a good companion dog, we breed for Willingness/Trainability , that way your pup will be active in what ever activity you are interested in, agility, hiking etc. We also breed for Beauty, nothing better than watching a pretty dog work.

  As you see we breed for an all around dog. This makes for some great pups to become available to the general public.

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